Hello, Beautiful.

Are you a smart, driven woman who:

  • Secretly struggles with food, diets + losing weight?
  •  Is eating way too many meals standing up at the fridge (or mowing through your entire kitchen at night)?
  •  Feels WAY too smart to be wasting so much time worrying about how you look?
  • Steps on the scale each morning, only to see numbers that ruin the rest of your day?
  •  Has failed at all your past attempts to lose weight (and feel beautiful)?
… And you wonder if you may be doomed to struggle with all this FOREVER?

Well, you’re definitely NOT alone.


That was me once, too.

And while I know things are painful now, there ARE steps you can take to change all that for good.


I’m Chelsey Benzel, and I’m here to show you the way…


I’ve been where you’re at. In fact, I spent years there. Decades even.


Since as early as I can remember I fought with my body and tried everything to lose weight. I built a wall and a persona that I thought would mask my pain. All I wanted was to feel like I was enough. Thin enough, pretty enough, GOOD enough. But the way I went about it only left me feeling worse off than before.

The trouble was, I was searching for validation from external sources. I put so much importance on the number on the scale, on my dress size, and on the approval of others.


It wasn’t until I discovered that what I was looking for was already inside of me that everything changed. For good.


Instead of bingeing on food, I started filling up on the things in life that actually felt good. Like finding a job I loved, going to yoga, reading books I loved, and taking good care of myself – inside and out.

Now I’ve dedicated my life’s work to helping women just like you put your body shame behind you supercharging every aspect of your life.


Because darling, it’s time you start living your life instead of simply existing. Life’s too short for anything else.


So if you’re a smart, soulful woman ready to:


  • Fall so in love with yourself (and your body!) you can’t see straight — even if you can’t quite imagine that yet
  • Attract all the right people into your life — from the perfect partner to a stand up tribe of BFFs
  • Get back your time (and energy) by ending your negative self-image and obsession with food
  • Embrace all of your badass feminine power — so you can get out there and make a difference in the world

Let’s work together!

I believe every woman deserves to see her own beauty, and feel confident in her skin. In my signature Confident You5-Step System you’ll uncover the secret to lasting change, and become the most Confident YOU! Click here to learn more & apply for Confident You™.

Hear what past clients have to say:


Before working with Chelsey I was literally flailing and overcome with anxiety all the time. O.M.G. I’ve never met someone so supportive and encouraging. Chelsey pointed out to me exactly where my limiting beliefs were and showed me what was keeping me stuck. Brandi Black

Holistic Nutritionist, Feel Best Naked

After having worked with Chelsey I feel liberated, relaxed and so much more confident. Chelsey is the person I was looking for, a person who understood me more than any other person about my issues.

Petra Schneck

Bellydance Instructor

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